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Electric Four-Wheel Dump Truck QB3000LV-4.5QY

Product Overview:

Pure electric garbage classification and collection vehicles are divided into two bins: recyclable and non-recyclable bins; Equipped with a hydraulic self-unloading device, it can automatically unload the non-recyclable garbage bin; the back door of the non-recyclable garbage bin adopts a hydraulic locking and opening device, which can realize automatic dumping; It is suitable for urban streets, municipal gardens, property cleaning, schools, hospitals and other places, and is responsible for the operation mode of collecting and cleaning two categories of trash cans.

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Product Details


Project unit QB3000LV-4.5QY QB2200-3.5QY
Dimensions mm 3900×1500×1950 3600×1400×1950
Cabinet size mm 2400×1500×1350 2200×1400×1150
Box capacity 4.5 3.5
Curb weight kg 1200 950
Rated load kg 1500 1000
Maximum climb % 15 15
Maximum speed km/h 30 30
Wheelbase mm 2150 1800
Wheel base (front/rear) mm 1285/1350 1185/1255
Tire model   175R14LT 8PR 550-13/550-13
Motor (engine) power kw 5 3
Battery capacity Ah 6V200Ah×12 12V/120Ah×6


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