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Rear Bucket Type Garbage Truck QB3000LV-4.0HG

Product Overview:

It adopts the rear lifting and turning mechanism, which is reasonably designed and easy to operate. The hydraulic system is controlled by a four-way valve and has 14 sequential actions. A series of actions such as clamping the bucket, lifting the bucket, turning the bucket, returning, scraper, and outriggers are in sequence. automatic completion. The side panels of the box are stamped in one piece, the exterior is clean and weld-free, and has good sealing performance to prevent secondary pollution during transportation; Before the whole box is lifted, the safety outriggers are forced to open, and after the box is lowered, the outriggers automatically return to avoid misoperation; It is also suitable for both 240L and 660L trash cans.

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Product Details


project  unit QB3000LV-4.0HG QB2000FT-4.0HG
Dimensions mm 4250×1500×2150 4000×1600×2130
Cabinet size mm 2500×1450×1200 2400×1600×1200
Box capacity 4 4
curb weight kg 1590 1400
Rated load kg 1500 1500
maximum climb % 15 15
maximum speed km/h 30 30
Wheelbase mm 2150 2150
Wheel base (front/rear) mm 1285/1355 1285/1355
tire model   175R14LT 8PR 165/70R13
Motor (engine) power kw 7.5 5
battery capacity Ah 6V/200Ah×12 12V/120Ah×6


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