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LANGGE tells you about two situations of chromatic aberration

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2023-09-04 13:55

Spray painting of electric sightseeing car:

The material used for sightseeing car body panels is generally fiberglass because of its cost-effectiveness and easy maintenance. For the painting operation on the surface of FRP, generally professional paint operators carry out the body paint deployment according to a certain proportion, and then carry out the body surface spraying operation. Our company also adopts the common fiberglass surface painting method in the industry to ensure cost while paying attention to environmental protection. Generally speaking, the main component of spray paint on the surface of FRP products is made of mixed numerical value and additive pigments. It is a volatile paint, the paint film dries quickly, has good anti-corrosion performance, convenient construction, and has good moisture resistance, chemical gas and chemical resistance. Salt spray resistance, degreasing and dust removal of the substrate, special primer spraying for FRP substrates, add thinner and sprayable in a ratio of 4:1, add thinner and dry grinding and sprayable FRP paint surface in a ratio of 4:1 For paint, just add thinner at a ratio of 2:1.

And the company adopts international standard color cards for color matching, supports customized body color, and can choose a variety of colors. The factory has a professional paint booth and excellent technical personnel. Can meet most of customers' color choices.