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Introduction of sightseeing car of Lange vehicle

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2023-09-04 13:55

Lange Vehicles is a comprehensive service company specializing in the research and development, sales and after-sales service of electric vehicles. The electric vehicles sold by the company are suitable for: tourist attractions, parks, playgrounds, communities, campuses, hotels, resorts, and villas.

Lange electric vehicle 23-seater electric sightseeing car scenic spot sightseeing car. In order to meet the current new requirements for sightseeing vehicles in tourist attractions, we have specially developed a novel and more practical sightseeing car for this part of the market, especially large tourist attractions. A new generation of 23-seater touring car. This model can be used for large-scale tourist attractions. Jiangsu Suzhou fully enclosed scenic spot sightseeing car manufacturer supplies electric sightseeing cars using batteries to generate power, which is environmentally friendly and pollution-free, and effectively utilizes resources. It has a personalized control system, flexible steering, comfortable handle, light and smooth, easy to drive, electric can be recycled, and has a long service life. Lange electric sightseeing car brand Huangshan 8-seat scenic sightseeing car motor 48V/4KW battery: 6V*8190AH controller: CURTIS series controller charger: fully automatic intelligent pulse charger charging time H: 6~8 accelerator: non-contact Hall. Hubei Scenic Spot Sightseeing Car Club Reception Car Real Estate View RV Electric Sightseeing Car Customized Hubei Scenic Spot Sightseeing Car Club Reception Car Real Estate View RV Karcher Electric Vehicle Customized Karcher Fuel Sightseeing Car, which is used in gardens, communities, real estate, campuses, scenic spots, resorts and villages And other places, it is a common means of transportation, beautiful appearance, superior performance, climbing. The price of the 14-seat Lange tourist bus for scenic spots is negotiable. Lange DN-14 electric sightseeing car, tourist car.