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Design and color matching of Lange sightseeing car

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2023-09-04 13:56

The use of color can give people a head start. Color can drive people's emotions and describe people's thoughts. The external color design is one of the elements of vehicle design. Color is an important part of Lange's vehicle design. We believe that "color" is more attractive than "appearance". Because it is often those bright colors that leave an impression on people, designing appropriate color expressions can better grasp the spiritual function of color, or in other words, grasp people's aesthetic functions and use modeling design to Show the integration of the product and the scenic spot, make the functional characteristics of the product more prominent, and be conducive to product sales. The color of the sightseeing car should fully reflect the charm of personalization or design. While coordinating with the environment, it should also be balanced with people's psychological acceptance of color, so that tourists can feel more comfortable while enjoying the scenery.

If the customer needs to customize the appearance color of the sightseeing car, we at Lange will investigate the corresponding usage scenarios of the vehicle before spraying the color of the electric sightseeing car. Analyze the diversity of the tourism environment: for example, whether the scenic spot is composed of both natural landscapes and cultural landscapes or whether there is only one kind of tourism resource. Moreover, scenic spots can be divided into old and new, natural and man-made elements, which requires their use of color to be coordinated with the surrounding environment and in line with the psychology and life experiences of most relevant people in a specific group of people. On the basis of coordinating the use environment, it is further coordinated with the psychological needs of the crowd. In this way, products can better meet customer needs.

The human-computer interaction in the later stages of the design of the sightseeing car should be taken into consideration, and everything should be done from a people-oriented perspective. For example, in the early stages of vehicle design, it should be considered whether some small adaptive changes will be needed when people use it later. For example, add handrails or closure latches. On the other hand, some ergonomic changes can also be made in the design of vehicle seats. Avoid passengers feeling crowded, stiff and uncomfortable when using the vehicle. By correcting these problems, the structure of the sightseeing car can be greatly improved, and in-depth ergonomic design can bring greater pleasure to users when using it. This is a better vehicle design.