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LANGGE vehicles bring lightweight electric firefighting vehicles

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2023-09-04 13:52

The LANGGE vehicle is a portable electric firefighting vehicle with complete functions. In addition to its main functions of fire fighting, it also has the functions of fire patrol and fire promotion. Its compact body and diversified functional design make it an ideal vehicle for small street fire prevention and control. Firefighting plays an important role. Lange vehicles not only add technological content and technical indicators to electric firefighting vehicles, but are also more convenient and faster, maintaining the effectiveness and continuity of their firefighting work. The fire truck has a small, flexible appearance and strong maneuverability.
Introduction to electric fire trucks: Electric fire trucks are a reduced version of ordinary fire trucks, also known as small fire trucks, mini fire trucks, and electric fire trucks. Mini fire truck is a new energy product newly developed and produced. Because it is driven by a motor, it can be driven without refueling. The fire truck is equipped with a high-pressure water pump, as well as fire-extinguishing tools such as fire axes, fire hammers, fire pliers and two sets of dry powder fire extinguishers.

The advantages of electric fire trucks are energy saving and environmental protection, low driving cost, and small vehicles can quickly reach some narrow streets. Control the fire before the arrival of large fire trucks. Compared with traditional fire trucks, the advantages of electric fire trucks are obvious. Electric fire trucks run with low noise, zero emissions, and meet environmental protection requirements. Because the electric fire truck is small in size, it is more suitable for daily fire patrols, and it can also be used as a sprinkler.

Functional Requirements:

Emergency combat function requirements:

In order to quickly extinguish fires, control fire spread, and eliminate various fire situations, water storage, water suction, and high-pressure sprinklers (hand-held motorized fire pumps, etc.), bubble cover fire trucks, and foam fire extinguishing (foam liquid storage tanks) can be equipped. etc.), water-powder mixed fire extinguishing device, fine water mist fire extinguishing device, various fire extinguishers and other fire extinguishing functions.

Daily practical functional requirements:

Functional devices such as high-pressure flushing (coiler, etc.), sprinkling and dust suppression, mobile irrigation and watering can be installed. largely improved.

Emergency combat functions and daily practical functions should take into account one or two functions respectively, fully exploit the practical space of the vehicle, make the best use of materials, and greatly reduce the idle rate of property and personnel.