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What are the performance characteristics of scenic sightseeing cars?

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2023-09-04 13:53

Scenic area sightseeing cars are environmentally friendly electric vehicles developed for tourist attractions, amusement parks, large parks and other areas. Scenic area sightseeing cars facilitate tourists' short-distance transportation within the scenic area, improve tourism efficiency, and help enhance the image of tourist attractions. And grades, improve the service level and economic benefits of scenic spots, so it has been favored and purchased by more and more tourist attractions. Due to the particularity of the place where the scenic spot sightseeing car is used, its use characteristics and precautions:

1. The flow of people in the scenic spot is large, and the load of sightseeing cars in the scenic spot is high

In recent years, with the development of the economy and the continuous improvement of people's income levels, more and more people are traveling abroad, causing major tourist attractions to be full of passengers, especially during peak holidays. This results in a higher carrying load of sightseeing cars in scenic spots and a much higher frequency of use than in other places, which puts forward higher requirements for the structure, performance and maintenance capabilities of sightseeing cars in scenic spots.

2. The scenic area is large and the road conditions are complicated

The area of general tourist attractions is relatively large, and the road conditions in the scenic spots are complex. The roads in each scenic spot are different in width and slope. This requires that the width and slope of the sightseeing car in the scenic spot are suitable for the width and slope of the scenic road; while scenic spots in different regions Different amounts of precipitation will also cause different smoothness of the road surface. For example, in areas with long rainy seasons and heavy precipitation in the south, scenic sightseeing cars must use tires with high friction.

3. High operating requirements for drivers

Due to the dense flow of people and complex road conditions in scenic spots, drivers of sightseeing cars in scenic spots must have higher driving skills. Sightseeing buses in scenic spots generally have several seats and can carry a large number of tourists at one time. It is very important to ensure the safety of tourists. Tourist attractions must provide special training for drivers of scenic sightseeing cars. Only those who pass the assessment can drive scenic sightseeing cars on the road.

4. Vehicle maintenance must be timely and efficient. Scenic area sightseeing vehicles are used frequently and carry large loads, so the frequency of breakdowns is also high. The battery power is consumed quickly, which requires sufficient backup batteries and common parts. Once problems occur, , it is necessary to be able to replace the battery and parts in time and troubleshoot to avoid delay in use.

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