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LANGGE vehicles take you to understand the advantages of electric patrol vehicles

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2023-09-04 13:53

The electric patrol car is a main product of Lange Vehicles. After years of R&D and adjustment, it has our own unique style and advantages. But in fact, many people think that patrol cars are not very useful. So, let’s talk about the advantages of patrol cars.

Electric patrol cars can make the environment they are in safer and more reliable, so they are used in many locations. So what are the advantages of electric patrol cars? Why choose it to ensure everyone’s safety? In fact, the early advantages of electric patrol cars are that they are flexible, have low noise, and are suitable for use in crowded places. I don’t know if you have noticed that when an electric patrol car passes by you, you will not hear much noise from the vehicle. Although the noise of electric patrol cars is small, it will not directly affect the daily lives of citizens when used. Therefore, it is very suitable for use in residential areas, ecological parks, and schools. Moreover, the vehicle is very flexible and can travel through smaller streets and alleys, which can play a big role in chasing suspicious persons. The second advantage is low carbon and environmental protection. Electric patrol cars run on electricity and do not need to use gasoline. Therefore, they will not cause exhaust emissions to pollute the environment. Such low carbon and environmentally friendly vehicles should be further promoted. The third advantage is that the line of sight is wide and the acceleration is fast. There is no cover around the vehicle. Sitting on it can clearly see the surrounding environment. When the inspection staff sits on it, they can see further and grasp the surrounding information. , and you can reach the accident location in a short time, which is convenient and convenient. From the advantages introduced above, we can see that electric patrol vehicles will continue to develop and grow in the future, and will be widely used in the near future.

Electric patrol vehicles have many advantages, including environmental protection and energy saving (the cost per 100 kilometers is more than 2/3 cheaper than gasoline vehicle patrols), which can significantly save fuel costs. At the same time, they have low noise, flexible maneuverability, fast speed increase, long driving range, and large load capacity. Features such as strong capabilities, wider field of vision, and ease of patrolling can also help increase the rate of police encounters on the streets and increase the density of street patrols. They have become a good helper for police mobile patrols and urban management law enforcement, and are used by many communities and large enterprises. , government agencies, parks, colleges and universities, stations, airports, docks and other units have all used this type of vehicle for security patrols. The DC electric patrol car has a top speed of 35 kilometers per hour and a driving range of 80 to 100 kilometers on a single charge. The frequency conversion electric patrol car can reach a maximum speed of 45 kilometers per hour and a maximum driving range of 100 to 120 kilometers.